CEO’s Message — December 2019

Making a Difference

Headshot of Clay FitchIn the Disney Pixar film “Up”, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen save money for their dream trip to Paradise Falls by drop-ping change into a jar. They end up breaking into the jar to deal with life’s little surprises, like medical bills from a broken leg, but as soon as an emergency passes, they resume dropping their change into a jar so they have a stash of cash when it’s important.

Think of the Next Dollar Foundation like a change jar for your whole community. For the past 24 years, some members of Wells Rural Electric Company (WREC) have been dropping the change from their monthly electricity bill into the jar. When their community had a need, funds were available for projects like grass for a baseball field, medical equipment or higher education.

Funding from the Next Dollar Foundation to purchase sod allowed the Wendover Wildcats to use their baseball field right away rather than having to wait a year for grass to grow from seed.

More than 120 projects have been completed with assistance from the Next Dollar Foundation. Students with career goals as diverse as nuclear engineering and nursing have received help to pay for their education. It’s likely some of those activities have made your life better, too.

Recipients of the 2019 Next Dollar Foundation Education Grants:

Herman Dorad

Herman Dorado of West Wendover

Valerie Murphy

Valerie Murphy of Wendover

John Gamble

John Gamble of Carlin

Jade Kelly

Jade Kelly of Wells

Beginning in January, the change jar will refill faster because all members of WREC will be automatically enrolled to donate the change from their monthly electricity bills to the Next Dollar Foundation. Discussions with members found wide-spread support for the change in enrollment. I hope that such support demonstrates the value all members have seen in projects and education grants funded by the Next Dollar Foundation. More information is available on page 8, inside. If you have any questions about contributing to the Next Dollar Foundation, have an idea for a project that would improve your community, want to apply for an education grant or opt-out, please visit the Next Dollar Foundation page.

Clay R. Fitch
Chief Executive Officer