CEO’s Message — December 2021

Where Did the Time Go?

Headshot of Clay Fitch

While it sure feels like each passing year speeds by faster and faster, at least the calendar has a way of saving the best for last.

I always welcome December because it brings the holiday season, family, friends, memories, traditions, and good food.

As bewildering as the passage of time may be, December also has a way of slowing things down and recapturing the past, if only for a few days, before we have to flip the calendar and start over.

It seems human nature compels us to observe, in some way, the path we have traveled to get where we are. For you, that may mean a spiritual path, a treasured family tradition, favorite recipes from Grandma, the warmth of a family home, or all the above. We all carry with us reminders of our journey.

December’s holiday parades, festivals, music, food, and parties are how we, as a nation, have chosen to honor those memories and the people, places, and traditions that helped create them.

So many holiday celebrations center around food. And what are we celebrating? Each other, mostly, as well as those who have come before us and given us the traditions we observe now—and perhaps even those who will come along after and hopefully keep observing our family’s favorite customs for generations.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit part of a great tradition of neighbors helping neighbors and concern for community. Your cooperative has a rich history of delivering safe, reliable, affordable carbon-free electricity year after year. That’s a tradition started by those who came before us—one worthy of celebration today, and hopefully, one that will bless generations yet to come.

Happy holidays!

Clay R. Fitch
Chief Executive Officer