Next Dollar Project Grant Application

Project Application Guidelines

  1. Is your project located within the service area of Wells Rural Electric Company? If your project is not, it will not be considered for funding.
  2. Does your project result in a positive benefit to the community and area in which it is being proposed? When submitting for funding, keep in mind that any project needs to have a positive impact on the area and/or community on whole in which it is going to occur. Projects that benefit only private parties/individuals will not be funded.
  3. Successful projects will be those which combine funding and in-kind resources from multiple participants. The more participation you have, the more resources you will have to draw from and the more stable and broad reaching the project will be for each dollar that is spent.
  4. What is the lifespan of the project? Project’s that are short in lifespan will not receive a high a recommendation for funding due to the limited resources from which the Next Dollar Foundation may draw. Projects that are of a long lifespan will receive greater consideration due to the prolonged exposure and benefit those projects will have on related communities and people and thus reaching the goals of the Next Dollar Foundation.
  5. The Next Dollar Foundation funds physical projects only. Examples of past projects would be: Skate park equipment, playground equipment, cemetery fencing and signage, historic markers, physical improvements (i.e. sidewalk, bike/pedestrian paths), historic restoration projects supported by State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO’s), charity organization equipment (i.e. washers/dryers), community kiosks/bulletin boards, etc. All projects will be required to provide advertisement on or near the project for its lifetime.
  6. Funds committed by Wells Rural Electric Company’s Next Dollar Foundation must be used within one year of award. Unused funds will revert to the Next Dollar Foundation.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with a local trustee prior to submittal. Applicants are invited to present their project to the Board of Trustees during a regular monthly meeting.

Next Dollar Foundation Board of Trustees

District 1 (Wells) – Val Nance and Tenna Walker

District 2 (Carlin) – Elizabeth Lemons and Casey Stanfill

District 3 (West Wendover) – Annette Murphy and Kathy Gutierrez

District 4 (Wendover) – Karen Shepherd and Vacant

District 5 (Rural) – Jay Dalton and Vacant

District 6 (At Large) – April Wright

For additional information, please contact Layla Murphy at Wells Rural Electric Company by calling (775) 752 -3328

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