COVID-19 Updates

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Message from WREC CEO, Clay Fitch

To our valued members,

For more than 60 years, Wells Rural Electric Co. has taken pride in fulfilling our mission to provide safe, reliable, affordable and carbon-free electricity to our members. Even as the lives we led and the society we lived in changed immeasurably during that time, I’m constantly reminded that here, in rural Nevada, we still look out for our neighbors and protect each other, just as we always have.

As the global health emergency presented by COVID-19 starts affecting life in our communities, I want to assure our members that WREC will continue to fulfill our commitment to reliability. After all, electricity remains at the heart of what drives our day-to-day lives. These are unprecedented times and the increased focus on social distancing measures has the potential to overwhelm. Because of modern technology and the devices we use on a daily basis, however, we now have the ability to remain connected to one another even in isolation. Electricity plays a central role in that process and we are here to make sure you can still connect with loved ones, stay caught up on the news and enjoy the other conveniences electricity provides even during inconvenient circumstances.

I also take very seriously WREC’s duty to act as a responsible citizen in our communities. We are being active participants in aiding local, state and federal efforts to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus. It is clear that we each have a responsibility to heed the warnings from organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, and medical professionals all over the world, and adhere to appropriate social distancing practices. It is our duty to help protect those in our society who are most at-risk.

As a result, WREC has temporarily closed its offices to in-person transactions. Our commitment to reliability remains unchanged. Please continue to report every outage to our dispatch center by calling 1-800-566-6696.

Our efforts to provide excellent service require healthy employees. Those who are able to work remotely are being asked to work from home. These measures are meant to protect the health of WREC’s members and employees and limit exposure they might face. However, that does not mean you should expect us to be any less responsive to your needs. Our drive through windows and payment drop boxes remain open and there are online and phone service and payment options for those who wish to contact us or pay remotely. Regardless of the circumstances, we are still actively engaged every day in providing the best possible service to our members. We are here for you.

It is perhaps more important now than ever that we all remember the important roles we share in building our communities. Our daily functions may change, but WREC’s commitment to you will not. Even in isolation, electricity ensures that we remain connected, we remain a community and we remain more powerful together.

We will meet these challenging times just as we always have: together.

Clay Fitch


WREC Updates

  • We have a STRONG desire to not disconnect any of our members during the COVID-19 emergency, or at any other time. However, we also feel it is necessary to work with members rather than simply suspend disconnects at the risk of accumulating a balance that will be difficult to repay when the emergency is over. We understand times are tough for many of our members and we want to be active participants in helping you keep the lights on. Please give us an opportunity to work WITH you before you get behind.

    Call your local WREC office so that we can explore every possible option, which include payment arrangements, Commitment to Community vouchers, energy efficiency and low income assistance. Our Member Service Representatives will be happy to help you choose the best way to avoid late fees and disconnection. Please let your local cooperative work for you by working with you.

  • In order to support state and local efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, and to protect the health of our members and employees, we are closing our offices to in-person payments for the time being. However, we remain committed to providing safe, affordable, reliable, carbon-free electricity and to providing the same level of care and attention that our members deserve. Our drive-thrus and payment boxes remain open and online and phone payments remain available. Additionally, our phone lines remain open to assist our members. If you have a question or are having a problem making a payment, don’t hesitate to call (800)566-6696.

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