Did You Cancel Your Landline & Forget to Tell Us?

Don’t become invisible and disappear from the cooperative’s phone system. Adobe stock photo by Olly

Without your phone number on file, Wells Rural Electric Company can’t recognize you when you call

These days, practically everyone has a cellphone. In fact, you may be one of the millions of Americans who gave up their old-fashioned landline phone in favor of using a cellphone exclusively.

If you haven’t updated the phone number listed on your Wells Rural Electric Company (WREC) account, it may impact how quickly we respond when you need us.

How WREC Uses Your Phone Number

  • When you call to report an outage, our automated system instantly recognizes your location. This enables us to manage your outage more quickly.
  • When we schedule planned outages necessary to upgrade our lines and equipment, we call the number on file in advance to inform you.
  • If your payment is past due, we make an automated courtesy call to let you know you may be in danger of disconnection.
  • When you call customer care regarding your account, we may use your phone number to verify we are speaking with the member of record.
  • When you call from the line associated with your account to make a phone payment, our automated phone system uses caller ID to expedite the process.

How to Update Your Account

  • Log in to your account on our website or use WREC’s SmartHub mobile app.
  • Call (800) 566-6696.