Ductless Heating & Cooling

Control Your Comfort & Energy Costs

Ductless heat pumps can reduce your electric heating costs by up to 50% while keeping you comfortable all year long. When you choose a ductless system, you’ll get:

Energy & Money Savings Every Month

Ductless systems use 25%–50% less energy to heat homes.

Comfort & Control

Ductless systems give you more control over your home’s temperature, and provide even, balanced heating and cooling.

Air Conditioning Comes Standard

No need to install additional cooling equipment. Ductless systems both heat and cool your home.

Utility Rebates

Going ductless is simple and affordable. Wells Rural Electric Company (WREC) offers rebates of $1,000 for qualified units in homes with zonal electric heat or a forced air electric furnace. Income qualified members may be eligible to receive a free ductless heat pump.

Low-Cost, Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple, which means little or no disruption to your home. Projects must be installed by a licensed contractor to qualify for the rebate. Self-installed projects do not qualify. For more information, call (888) 883-9879.

It’s Time to Go Ductless

The Comfort & Savings You Deserve

Ductless systems are highly efficient, easily installed primary heating and cooling systems for electrically heated homes. They’re safe, durable and quiet, and they heat rooms evenly at a lower cost than baseboard, wall and ceiling heat or electric furnaces.

More Flexibility & Control

A ductless heat pump increases the flexibility of your home’s heating system, and therefore your ability to control the temperature throughout your home. By using the ductless system as the primary heat source in the main living areas of your home, you can ensure that your home is comfortable and efficient, even on the coldest days.

How It Works

Ductless systems utilize heat pump technology to distribute warm or cool air more quietly and efficiently than traditional electric heaters. With three main components, ductless heat pumps are easily installed by a professional in less than a day.

Income qualified members with existing zonal electric heat or an electric forced air furnace may be eligible to receive a free ductless heat pump.

WREC Income Qualifying Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $25,743
2 $33,663
3 $41,584
4 $49,505
5 $57,426
6 $65,347
7 $73,268
8 $81,189

To learn more, call (888) 883-9879.

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is an initiative of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working to accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices in the Northwest.