Frontier Chic

Rancher mom juggles three boys and volunteerism while running a popular, eclectic boutique

By Dianna Troyer

Thaysha Groves
THAYSHA GROVES at her store in Elko – photos courtesy of Thaysha Groves

Since launching Buckaroo Boutique in 2007, Thaysha Groves’ business has taken her for a wild, unpredictable and entertaining ride.

With an eclectic and, some might say, eccentric take on fashion from the American West, Thaysha’s small boutique operation has attracted loyal customers from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between.

“I ship all over the world to clients who have become friends,” says the 35-year-old mother of three.

Thaysha runs her business while working on a ranch with her husband, Grant, in Starr Valley west of Wells. She says her boutique isn’t just about selling merchandise.

“It’s about building relation- ships and showcasing a ranching lifestyle,” she says. “I want to empower women to feel good about themselves just the way they are. Forget any fashion rules. If you like it, wear it—whether it’s mellow or wild leopard prints and camo. I have eclectic tastes and like Western, bohemian and chic styles.”

Thaysha says wherever and however she meets clients—whether face-to-face or online—her message resonates.

Buckaroo Boutique has earned accolades from Boutique Hub—an online network for small businesses dealing with fashion. Among Nevada boutiques in 2017, it received Best Overall and Best Online awards. In 2018, it won Best Overall and Best Storefront awards.

“I never imagined it taking off like it has, and I always give God the glory for its success,” Thaysha says. “All that I am and what I have is due to the Lord blessing my work.”

Thaysha kicked off her boutique in 2007 with small home parties and a few purses and belts. When her customer base grew, she began buying clothes, accessories and jewelry from small U.S. designers.

In 2014, with sales increasing steadily, she leased space in the Shabby Shanty in Elko. Two years later, Thaysha launched her internet store,

In 2017, she moved to a historic hotel at 236 Silver St. in Elko. This summer, she expanded yet again, making her boutique mobile. She invested in a trailer, nicknaming it Gypsy, so she can set up at fairs and rodeos.

Thaysha and husband Grant
Thaysha and her husband, Grant, with the mobile boutique—nicknamed Gypsy—at a fair in Colorado.

“Last month, I was excited to do my first road show at the county fair in my hometown of Craig, Colorado,” she says.

When Thaysha returned home, she began transitioning to her fall line and working on her annual photo shoot. She photographs local models wearing her latest fashions to update her website and Facebook pages.

As if it’s not enough to wrangle three young sons and run a business, Thaysha has been leading the Starr Valley 4-H Club since October 2018.

“I thought, ‘Why not put one more thing on my plate?’” she says, laughing.

When Thaysha’s 9-year-old son, Raleigh, enrolled in 4-H, she wanted to get involved.

“It’s such a great program,” Thaysha says. “Kids are always learning, achieving goals and growing. I was in 4-H as a kid, showing sheep, competing with horses, and doing vet science and fashion revue.”

Thaysha says she plans to enroll her other sons Rhett, 7, and Dirk, 4, in Clover Buds, a 4-H program for children ages 5 to 7.

Local models display Thaysha’s fashions.
Local models display Thaysha’s fashions.

Thaysha describes her life as a business owner, mom, and ranch wife as a crazy balance.

“I’m not sure how I juggle all the things I do,” she says. “I take each day as it comes and try to stay as organized as I can, which isn’t always possible.”

While her schedule might exhaust some people, she says it energizes her and makes her feel grateful.

“I rely on one of my favorite Bible verses—Psalms 9:1: ‘I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.’ I give praise to the Lord for the struggles, too, because they help me learn and grow.”

Driven by a desire to pay forward the blessings in her life, Thaysha sponsors two young women annually, pro- viding clothing for their rodeo activities. She has also provided clothes and accessories for Silver State International Rodeo Queen contestants.

She shares insights about her unique fashions and love of ranch life on her blog,

Thaysha with purses
Thaysha shows off several purses at her boutique.

“A lot of people like to wear Western clothing but have no experience with a ranching lifestyle and have no idea what it’s like to raise livestock,” she says. “I hope the blog helps them understand what it’s all about.”

Although Thaysha grew up helping her father run a guest ranch in Colorado, she was a newcomer to doing chores on a cow-calf ranch when she met her husband. They met in Oregon, where he worked on a ranch and she was a U.S. Forest Service employee.

“Grant grew up on the TS Ranch near Battle Mountain, so we wanted to come back to northern Nevada to start our family,” Thaysha says.

In 2017, a friend of Grant’s asked him to manage the Schaad Ranches in Starr Valley.

“I love to help him and get dirty, but I also like to get wild and dress up,” says Thaysha, who often spikes and colors her hair with rainbow hues.

“I like crazy hairstyles to keep it fresh and express myself in a fun way,” she says. “I can’t wait to see where Buckaroo Boutique will go.”