Local Leaders Say No on 3

All three of the Nevada city governments in WREC’s service territory have passed resolutions opposing Question 3 because of concerns it will negatively affect citizens and economic development in their communities. Read why the mayors of those communities hope you join them in voting NO this election season.

City of West Wendover, Nevada. Come Grow With Us.“Here in West Wendover, we rely on Wells Rural Electric Co. to provide reliable and affordable electricity. Question 3 threatens to dismantle existing cooperatives, which would bring uncertainty and, quite possibly, higher rates to West Wendover residents. That is why I am voting no on 3, and urge all West Wendover residents to do the same.”
Mayor Daniel Corona, West Wendover

City of Wells, Nevada“The city of Wells has been fortunate to be able to purchase its electricity from a nonprofit cooperative. Not only does Question 3 threaten our citizens’ access to affordable energy in the future, I’m concerned that Question 3 will impede future transmission expansion and negatively impact economic development in Wells.”
Mayor Layla Waltz, Wells
*WREC employee

Carlin“Our job as a council is to always act in the best interests of the citizens of Carlin. I have serious concerns that Question 3 will significantly increase our monthly electricity bills and hurt rural Nevadans. I’m voting no because I don’t want to lock this dangerous initiative into our state constitution.”
Mayor Dana Holbrook, Carlin