Member Appreciation Giveaway

Every October, WREC joins 30,000 other cooperatives nationwide in recognizing National Cooperative Month, a celebration of all the things that make co-ops different, accessible and great (read more about the seven cooperative principles here). The best part about our cooperative is you, our members! As a result, we would like to show our appreciation for you with a Member Appreciation Giveaway! On November 1st, one WREC member will be selected to receive their choice between four potential grand prizes.

  •  A Ductless Heat Pump with installation
  •  A Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater with installation
  •  An Energy Star Electric Washer and Dryer
  •  An Energy Star Refrigerator

10 additional members will be drawn to win a $100 power credit followed by 20 more members who will receive a $50 power credit.

And The Winners Are…

$50 Power Credit Winners:

  1. Isabel Ramirez
  2. Ren Jackson Sr.
  3. Madison Sweat
  4. Vanessa Valdez
  5. Charles Bottroff
  6. Pat Calton
  7. Jerry Hammer
  8. Tina Loveridge
  9. Khristopher Torrise
  10. Francisca Salas
  11. Artie Lookingbill
  12. Luis Lara
  13. Tyler Livingstone
  14. Santiago Torres
  15. Ashley Oakey
  16. Winifred Knight
  17. Rhoana Johnson
  18. Tyler Peterson
  19. Craig Morgan
  20. Rudy Paul

$100 Power Credit Winners:

  1. Delia Jimenez
  2. Earl Lacy
  3. Brian Gale
  4. Zoe Fender
  5. Valerie Boyer
  6. Cristy Robinson
  7. Seth Amerigian
  8. Jose Gomez
  9. Kenneth Castagno
  10. Raul Luna

The grand prize winner is….

Cheryl Brodsho!