Outside Classroom Gives Teachers Options

Wendover High School project funded by the Next Dollar Foundation

By Garrett Hylton

The patio can be used as an outdoor classroom or for seating during breakfast and lunch when the weather is nice.

Many teachers at Wendover High School like to help break students out of their ruts by moving class outside when the weather allows. Wells Rural Electric Co.’s (WREC’s) Next Dollar Foundation was happy to help provide an effective learning space for these changes of scenery by funding the purchase of six heavy-duty metal picnic tables, providing an area where students could sit.

Principal Heather Castagno applied for the tables to complete a project that included a concrete patio space and flowerbeds for her students and staff to enjoy. The school did not previously have outdoor seating for students. The patio is multifunctional and can be used as an outdoor classroom or for seating during breakfast and lunch.

The Next Dollar Foundation was created more than two decades ago to help fund community projects and scholarships throughout WREC’s service territory. By rounding members’ bills up to the nearest dollar and matching those funds with unclaimed capital credits, WREC can turn loose “change” into real “change” by investing in lasting projects.

Through the years, the Next Dollar Foundation has helped restore and upgrade historic buildings, improve senior citizen facilities and install lights around high school football fields, among many other projects.

Membership in the Next Dollar Foundation is automatic as a part of membership. The amount donated, a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 99 cents monthly, stays in the community where the member’s account is located.

The foundation’s board of directors, consisting of WREC members, approves projects on a case-by-case basis. If you have an idea for a project in your community, please visit our Next Dollar Foundation page to fill out an application.

Education Grant Applications Due February 22

  • The Next Dollar Foundation’s investment in the communities served by Wells Rural Electric Co. takes many forms. Aside from the projects mentioned above, the Next Dollar Foundation also takes pride in contributing to the ongoing educations of students in our area through the Next Dollar Foundation Education Grant Program.
  • Each year, the Next Dollar Foundation awards up to five grants in the amount of $2,000 to graduating high school seniors or older students returning to school. These grants are often used to help pay for college tuition and expenses, but can also be applied toward vocational and trade programs and apprenticeships.
  • Applications are due Monday, February 22, so please don’t let time run out for this tremendous opportunity. The application, as well as eligibility requirements, can be found on WREC’s website on our Next Dollar Foundation page.