Preventative Maintenance Program

closeup of front of bucket truck with lineman working on power poles in backWhen it comes to member satisfaction, reliability is often the most important factor— even more than cost. Members are often most concerned with the lights coming on when they flip the switch.

For Wells Rural Electric Company’s (WREC’s) line crews, reliability is far more than simply reacting as safely and quickly as possible when outages happen. After all, the best outage is the one you avoid.

With that in mind, WREC’s crews plan and execute a thorough preventive maintenance program designed to fortify the equipment, identify and eliminate potential problems, and prevent outages before they happen.

Part of that preventive maintenance involves tree trimming and right-of-way clearance.

Whether because of wind, fire, or gravity, tree limbs can be destructive and disruptive when they fall on power lines, often causing outages.

WREC has tree-trimming crews move through all its communities each year to eliminate potential problems.

The process started in Carlin in April and will continue through the end of May as tree trimmers work their way east.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Clearing trees and overgrown vegetation is vital to provide safe, reliable power to our consumer-members.

We clear certain areas in our service territory, known as rights-of-way to:

  • Keep power lines clear of tree limbs
  • Restore power outages more quickly
  • Keep crews and members of our community safe
  • Reduce unexpected costs for repairs

Vegetation management improves service reliability for you – our members.