Stay Safe Around Power Lines

Every May, Wells Rural Electric Company joins electric utilities across the country to bring awareness to National Electrical Safety Month. While safety is top of mind every day for WREC’s employees, electricians and lineworkers, it can be easy to forget about the hazards electricity presents. Take a moment to check your surroundings and keep the following tips in mind, especially when you are out and working off the ground.

  • Look up and live. That might be a cheesy catchphrase, but it is one that can save your life. Whether you are flying kites with your children or setting up a ladder to access your home’s gutter or roof, always look up and identify electrical lines that could pose a threat. Carry the ladder horizontally. Be particularly careful when it comes to working near power lines attached to your home. Unfortunately, accidentally raising metal ladders into power lines is far too common and often tragic.
  • Speaking of ladders and working on the roof, always work with caution to avoid slips and falls. Make sure ladders are appropriately balanced and avoid getting on roofs in bad weather.
  • When it comes to trimming trees near power lines, leave that work to the professionals. WREC hires professional tree trimmers to work around the cooperative’s distribution lines each spring. They are usually available for additional jobs if needed, so be on the lookout for when they are in your community.
  • If you are cleaning gutters near power lines, avoid using water or blower extensions.
  • Do not climb trees near power lines. Even if the branches are not touching power lines, remember that adding weight could cause them to make contact.
  • When planning your home’s landscaping, make sure you are not planting trees that could cause problems by growing into power lines years down the road.

While May is National Electrical Safety Month, it is important
to adhere to best safety practices every day of the year. If you want
to brush up on your home’s safety, or just learn something new, is a great free resource full of information that
can help keep you and your loved ones safe.