Thad Ballard Named CEO

Thad Ballard

Thad S. Ballard’s first job at Wells Rural Electric Company (WREC) was in 1985 when he was hired as a summer intern. Over the next 39 years, he held a number of roles, including purchasing, job training, and safety coordinator, director of member services and government affairs, chief corporate officer, director of corporate services, and director of administration and power supply, just to name a few. His experience and industry knowledge made him the perfect candidate to become WREC’s new chief executive officer.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to lead this company and work for our members to provide the very best service as well as safe, reliable, affordable, and carbon-free electricity,” he says.

Over Thad’s 39 years at WREC, he has had a tremendous impact on the cooperative. He implemented programs that boosted efficiency and improved service. He worked to improve communication among employees and senior management and built lasting relationships with state and federal agencies.

Thad lives in Clover Valley with Heidi, his wife of 27 years. Together they have 3 sons, Benjamin, 24, Logan, 22, and Carson, 16.

In his spare time, Thad says he loves spending time with family, learning about local history, and completing home improvement and landscaping projects.

“I’ve only been CEO for a few days, and while it has been stressful, it has also been incredibly rewarding. I’m very grateful to my colleagues for embracing this change and to our members for sharing their congratulations and support.”

We have a fantastic team of dedicated employees focused on providing safe, reliable, affordable and carbon-free electricity.