Winter Will Be Here Before We Know It

Apply for energy assistance today to keep your home warm this winter

Certain times of the year can put a lot of pressure on your household budget. In Wells Rural Electric Company’s service territory, those periods typically come in the winter when temperatures can drop below freezing for days or weeks at a time. After all, heating your home accounts for roughly 29% of your utility bill, according the United States Department of Energy.

If high bills created by cold temperatures are challenging for your household, WREC is here to help. In addition to providing a list of energy-efficiency practices that can help control your bill and access to numerous rebate programs that can make heating and cooling your home more efficient, our employees are available to help connect you with local assistance programs, including state energy assistance programs based on your level of household income.

Why Now?

It does seem strange to talk about winter as warm summer days start rolling in. After our cold, windy spring, we are tired of talking about harsh weather, too. Unfortunately, putting off your energy assistance application until the snow starts falling could be costly. Members seeking energy assistance for the first time, particularly in Nevada, are experiencing approval times up to six months. That means thinking ahead and applying now could have your assistance arriving just as the cold weather arrives.

Do I Qualify?

The chart at the bottom of this page shows the state’s gross monthly income amounts that determine who qualifies for assistance. Households that exceed the income guidelines may have their countable income reduced if they have verified qualifying expenses, such as out-of-pocket medical expenses for chronic or long-term illness.

How Much Assistance Can Be Provided?

The minimum yearly payment for eligible households is $240. We often see assistance for as much as $800.

Where Do I Start?

Nevada households can apply in all WREC offices and online on the Division of Welfare and Supportive System’s Apply for Assistance page. For many, the application process can be intimidating. Call your local WREC office, and member advocates will help you every step of the way.

Call Carlin at (775) 754-6362, Wells at (775) 752-3328 or Wendover at (775) 664-2204.

Household Maximum Gross Income

Persons in Home Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $19,320 $1,610
2 $26,130 $2,177.50
3 $32,940 $2,745
4 $39,750 $3,312.50
5 $46,560 $3,880
6 $53,370 $4,447.50
7 $60,180 $5,015
8 $66,990 $5,582.50