With your help, WREC invests in community — Next Dollar Foundation

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By WREC Staff

For 24 years, the Next Dollar Foundation has provided much-needed funding for vital community projects, including building and equipping medical centers, putting a roof over a swimming pool, lighting high school football fields, helping students go to college, opening a senior citizens center and starting a preschool.

The Next Dollar Foundation invests in every community Wells Rural Electric Co. serves. Since its creation in 1995, the foundation has invested $176,922 in 122 lasting community projects and $148,000 in education grants so 74 students could pursue college and career training.

But there’s so much more to do. After finding widespread support in conversations with members, the WREC Board of Directors voted this fall to change the rules of cooperative membership so every member is automatically enrolled in the Next Dollar Foundation but has the option to opt out. Starting in January, every WREC member will have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar to support meaningful projects in their community.

In deciding whether you’d like to remain in the Next Dollar Foundation, please consider the following information:

Starting January 1, 2020, every member will be part of the Next Dollar Foundation.

  • Donations work by rounding up your monthly bill to the nearest dollar. The donation will never be more than 99 cents per month and could be as low as 1 cent per month. The average is roughly 70 cents per month.
  • WREC matches your donation with non-returnable capital credits.
  • The money you donate stays in your community.
  • The Next Dollar Foundation is run by a Board of trustees consisting of other members who volunteer their time. They consider projects and approve those they believe will have a lasting impact on WREC’s communities.
  • We’re so excited about the potential to help our communities. If you would like more information about projects the Next Dollar Foundation has funded in your community, want to submit an application for a project, apply for an education grant, or remove yourself from the Next Dollar Foundation, please visit the Next Dollar Foundation page.