Board Nominations

2024 Board of Directors Nomination Form

Nominations are open from Tuesday, June 11, 2024 through Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Complete nominations must be on this form and received no later than 5:00 P. M. Pacific Time Zone on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at the office of General Counsel, Lauren Landa, 530 Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada 89801 or at General Counsel, Lauren Landa, P. O. Box 1358, Elko, Nevada 89803 or Fax (775) 738 – 4220 or email All mandatory questions must be answered in order for the nomination to be valid. It is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure receipt. Late nominations will not be placed on the ballot.

The person must be of legal voting age prior to the close of nominations.

The person must, for at least one year prior to the close of nominations, and while a Director, be receiving electric service and be listed on the account at the person’s residence. The residence of a person with reference to the person’s eligibility is the person’s actual residence within the service territory, during all the period for which residence is claimed and is the address listed on person’s driver’s license, or government-issued photo identification (ID). An affidavit from the person attesting to the person’s residency shall be required. No more than one person from any one membership may serve on the Board at a time. Pursuant to NRS 53.045, this form shall serve as the Affidavit, and the nominee declares as follows, upon signature hereupon: For the purpose of the Wells Rural Electric Company 2024 Board of Directors Election, I, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that I actually reside at the address listed below as shown on my driver’s license or government issued identification document (ID), a copy of which is attached hereto and considered incorporated herein by its reference; that my actual, as opposed to constructive, residence began at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of the close of filing of nominations.

A person must not have been adjudged to be guilty of a felony within the prior seven (7) years.

A person is not qualified to be nominated if such person is a current employee or a former employee of the Company who retired or was dismissed within a period of five (5) years prior to the date of closing of nominations.

Persons who have an unpaid account with the Company which has been outstanding for more than ninety (90) calendar days, or who have had an obligation to the Company written off as a bad debt are not eligible to be nominated.

Any person nominated, but who has not previously served on the Board, is required to attend an informational workshop to be held at WREC headquarters, 1451 Humboldt Avenue, Wells, Nevada, on Tuesday, July 2, 2024, at 11 am PST. Reasonable travel expenses of the nominee to attend the informational workshop shall be paid by the Company.

No person who is featured in the Company Ruralite Magazine shall be eligible for election to the Board until six (6) months have elapsed between the date of publication of the featured article and the last date to cast a vote for the Board in any election year.

The nominee must not be engaged in, employed by, materially affiliated with, or have a material financial interest in an individual or entity directly or substantially competing with WREC or possessing a substantial conflict with WREC.

Nominations must be received by General Counsel Lauren Landa at 530 Idaho St., Elko, NV 89801; P.O. Box 1358, Elko, NV 89803;; or 775-738-4220 (fax) by 5 p.m. PST Tuesday, June 25, 2024. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure receipt of the nomination. Late, or ineligible nominations will not be placed on the ballot.

General Counsel determines eligibility of nominees.

2024 Board of Directors Nomination Form