WREC Might Have Sent You a Check in May

By WREC Staff

Because Wells Rural Electric Co. belongs to the people it serves, any excess revenues are shared back with you over time. This year, we’re excited to return $585,000 to our members.

We celebrate sharing excess revenues—what we call capital credits—with our members for two reasons.

First, capital credits represent the financial health of the organization. Obviously, without excess revenue there is nothing to share. WREC’s board has
returned excess revenues to members every year since at least the mid-1980s.

Second, and equally important, sharing excess revenues with members lies at the heart of what it means to be part of a cooperative. Where investor-owned utilities look to maximize profits, cooperatives like WREC redistribute excess revenue by returning it to the people and communities they serve.

Checks were mailed at the beginning of May. If your portion of the excess revenues being shared has reached $10, you should have received a check. If you haven’t, please call or visit your local office.