WREC Offers Many Ways to Pay Your Bill

Wells Rural Electric Co. employees work hard to provide accurate consumer accounting and ensure every bill represents reliable electricity service and tremendous value for all of our members. We also realize it can be a complex process for members who might only look at their bill and electricity use once a month when they pay their bill.

To better explain the components of your bill and electricity use—and the value cooperative members receive—we will use this space regularly to address some of the bill questions we are most commonly asked.

WREC Billing 101“Membercentric” is a common phrase at Wells Rural Electric Co. When cooperative employees discuss new plans or programs, we try to determine how it benefits the members so we can ensure the best possible service and provide tremendous value for your cooperative membership.

That includes making sure we offer a variety of payment options so you can settle your monthly bill in the way that best suits your schedule and lifestyle.

We love seeing members in the office, but we also understand it is not what works best for everyone.

Online Bill Pay and Free App

WREC offers online and mobile bill pay via its free account management app, SmartHub.

You can access your account on your tablet or mobile phone at your convenience by downloading SmartHub from your app store. Based on member feedback, account login is also available directly from the home page on www.wrec.coop if you prefer to use a personal computer or laptop.

SmartHub conveniently stores payment information such as checking accounts and all major credit cards. The app allows you to set up monthly payments, which makes it a great account management tool. If you are concerned with your monthly bill, you can use SmartHub to track your daily use and help you conserve electricity.

SmartHub also allows you to request electrician service and account maintenance remotely.

If you are interested in SmartHub and need assistance setting up your account, please visit your local WREC office.

Secure Pay

WREC allows members to make secure payments by phone. Call toll free at (844) 425-4297 or call your local office and select option 4 on the automated system.

To help protect your financial information, the phone payment option meets federal Payment Card Industry regulations. Our system allows you to pay your bill, check your account balance and/or update your phone number.

Night Drop

WREC understands there are plenty of members who are unable to visit during business hours or who work graveyard and swing shifts and want to pay on the way to or from work. That is why every office is equipped with a 24/7 payment drop box.

WREC understands life is already busy. It’s our goal to provide you with the opportunity to pay your bill on the terms that best fit your schedule.

If you have any questions about payment options, check WREC’s website or call your local office.