WREC’s Capital Credit Season

Every May is capital credit month for Wells Rural Electric Co. owners. This year, WREC is retiring $447,279.83 in capital credits to members. Checks will be mailed the first week of this month.

One of the biggest differences between cooperatives and investor-owned utilities is the returning of margins to members in the form of capital credits. Members receive an allocation—their share of revenue in excess of expenses— according to their use.

Members do not necessarily receive checks for specific allocations, and the amounts cannot be credited to monthly bills. Each allocation simply is an amount that will be part of the capital credit checks when the total retired amount reaches $10 or more.

Many cooperatives around the country struggle to maintain enough financial stability to retire capital credits back to their members every year, but the WREC Board of Directors has successfully managed to maintain an appropriate margin and faithfully return capital credits to members for more than 30 straight years.

Aside from receiving safe, reliable, cost-based electricity, capital credit checks are a big part of the cooperative difference members enjoy by receiving their power from WREC.

Those receiving checks this year should get theirs in the mail by the end of May. If you do not receive a check, but believe you should, please contact your local office.