AARP Encourages Nevadans To Vote No On Question 3

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As the state director for AARP Nevada, my job is to serve and advocate for our 330,000-plus members across the state. When it comes to Ballot Question 3, the so-called “Energy Choice Initiative,” we strongly encourage our members, and all Nevadans, to vote no. There are simply too many financial and constitutional concerns to ignore.

As an organization that serves people 50 years of age and older, many of our members are retired and living on fixed incomes. For some, careful budgeting is a necessity to make ends meet on a month-to-month basis. As a result, we approach any initiative that threatens to significantly raise the cost of living, as Ballot Question 3 does, with extreme caution.

Data shows that states with deregulated energy markets have some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Nevada’s rates fall below the national average and, in some cases, far below. One study comparing the average monthly bill of choice states and non-choice states showed that typical residential consumers in choice states pay around 40 percent more annually for electricity.

Choice is actually a concept near and dear to our hearts. After all, the AARP’s mission is “empowering people to choose how they live as they age.” Unfortunately, data and precedent inform us that the kind of “choice” promised by Ballot Question 3 will lead to cost increases that will likely limit our members’ ability to make choices in other aspects of their life.

After 10 days of public hearings earlier this year, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission concluded that passage of Question 3 was unlikely to benefit residential consumers and would likely lead to an increase in the amount people pay for electricity. We agree and AARP Nevada joined the Coalition against Question 3 because passing this ballot initiative is a proposition that many of our members quite literally cannot afford. While my focus is on our members, my guess is that many other Nevadans share similar concerns. For that reason, I hope you’ll join me and VOTE NO ON BALLOT QUESTION 3 in November.


Maria Dent
AARP Nevada State Director

Wells Rural Electric Company believes that Question 3 poses significant, long term threats to the members we’re here to serve. To help spread our message, WREC is partnering with other individuals and organizations who share our concerns and whom our members recognize and trust. Above is a testimonial from Maria Dent, the executive director of AARP Nevada, explaining why the AARP is no on 3 and how the ballot initiative threatens AARP’s members.