Capital Credits

Along with receiving cost-based electricity and local, democratic control, capital credits represent one of the biggest, most visible cooperative differences.

Different from investor-owned utilities who hold onto profits or use margins to pay stockholders, electric cooperatives return margins to their members in the form of capital credits. Each year every member is allocated their share of excess revenue according to their usage.  The member-elected Board of Directors then votes each year on a retirement amount that will actually be returned to members.

While WREC’s members have had margins returned to them each year for several decades, such credits are not mandatory or even guaranteed. The return of capital credits is a sign the company is healthy and continues to operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Often WREC members will move before their capital credit allocation has been fully retired leaving their capital credit refunds unclaimed.  If you are a previous WREC member and think you might have unclaimed capital credits, please submit this form and a member service advocate will research your account and contact you shortly.


Unclaimed Capital Credits

  • Wells Rural Electric provides electric service to Northeast Nevada and Wendover, Utah.
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