Roughly 85 percent WREC’s electricity is generated from carbon-free hydroelectricity via the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).

BPA is a federal nonprofit agency that supplies about a third of the power in the Northwest. They generate a vast majority of their power from 31 federal hydro projects in the in the Columbia River Basin and also operate one nonfederal nuclear plant and several other small nonfederal power plants.

Bonneville Power Administration Fuel Mix Percent Summary Calendar Year 2015 Data

  • Biomass and Waste 0.1%
  • Geothermal 0.0%
  • Small Hydroelectric 0.9%
  • Solar with RECs 0.0%
  • Wind with RECs 0.0%
  • Coal 0.0%
  • Large Hydroelectric 83.6%
  • Natural Gas 0.1%
  • Nuclear 9.9%
  • Non Specified Purchases 4.5%
  • Wind without RECs 0.9%
    (Source: Bonneville Power Administration June 2016)