Next Dollar Foundation

For the past 24 years, members of WREC have been asked to join the Next Dollar Foundation and round up their monthly power bill to the next whole dollar. The “change” has been used to fund community projects and scholarships. The money contributed by each member stays within their community, meaning the funds are always invested where they benefit the member who made the contribution. Many members joined the Next Dollar foundation and their support has been greatly appreciated. On average, those members contribute about 70 cents per month. Members who take advantage of budget billing have been contributing $1 each month. Some members voluntarily donate even more. These contribution levels will remain unchanged. However, beginning in January 2020, all remaining members of Wells Rural Electric Company will automatically be enrolled to contribute the “change” to the Next Dollar Foundation unless they submit a printed form requesting to opt-out. This contribution could be as low as 1 cent per month but will never be more than 99 cents per month.

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