Youth Programs

Wells Rural Electric Company places a high priority on improving the communities we serve. One of the ways we try to accomplish that goal is by providing support and opportunities to area youth.

Each summer, WREC takes students to statewide youth leadership conferences in Idaho and Utah. The conferences help students:

  • Develop their personal leadership skills
  • Learn about the co-op world
  • Enrich their cultural perspective.
  • Some campers go on to represent WREC at the NRECA’s Washington, D.C., Youth Leadership Tour.

To apply to attend either the Michael F Peterson Youth Challenge, July 5-9 in Ephraim, UT or the Idaho Youth Rally, July 11-16 in Caldwell, ID, click here and complete the application.


What a few past campers had say:

“The Washington, D.C., Youth Tour was like nothing I could have expected. When I attended the UREA camp, there were maybe 150 kids, but the number for the D.C. Tour skyrocketed to an astonishing 1,600! Not only did we get to tour our nation’s capital (with the most charismatic and charming tour guides) but we also got to meet our individual state officials in Congress and Senate. We visited numerous memorials as well as the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building itself. I’m most thankful for the learning environment that the NRECA created for us young adults. Having some great friends along the way to goof off with didn’t hurt too much, either. I can’t express anything other than gratitude and appreciation for being lucky enough to attend. Thank you, NRECA.”
—Ty Morley

“My Youth Tour in Washington, D.C., was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had during my 18 years of live on this Earth. I made a copious amount of memories and friends that I will always have with me. I loved all the memorials and museums, especially the Holocaust Museum. Meeting the Congressmen and Senators who represent our state was an incredible educational experience for me.”
—Marcus Spencer