Budget Billing

Spring is the perfect time for WREC members to take advantage of one of our most convenient bill payment options: Budget Billing.

Over the course of a typical year, your monthly electric bill goes up and down depending on the season and the amount of household energy you use. WREC’s Budget Billing program looks at your electrical usage for the last 12 months and calculates your average monthly budget amount.

Your payment will stay the same all year long with Budget Billing, helping minimize the impact of larger winter bills and the peaks of the summer heat.

The difference between your budget payment and your actual bill changes from month to month. So your electric bill will show the account balance, which is the difference between your budget payment and the actual bill to date.

Depending on the weather and specific month of the year, you may find your bill is sometimes ahead of the actual amount due or, at other times, you may see that your budget amount is less than the actual.

When you choose the Budget Billing option, your account will be recalculated each year during the month you signed up to account for those fluctuations. You will be notified of the adjustment in a message appearing on the bottom of the bill the month you begin using the budget billing program. You will also receive a reminder letter when your budget is reviewed each year.

If you are interested in signing up for the Budget Billing option, or any of our other convenient payment options, please call your local WREC office and ask for a member service advocate, e-mail us at memberinfo@wrec.coop, or stop by our office if you have any questions about this or any other member services programs.