CEO’s Message – November 2023

Rallying Our Community

Clay R. Fitch

I am not sure anyone could have envisioned how our uses for electricity would grow and change when 14 homes in Clover Valley were energized for the first time on December 7, 1960. Who could have guessed there would eventually be so many homes and such a wide variety of businesses in this area?

As I notice more electric vehicles on the road, it challenges me to imagine how many more uses for electricity there will be in the future. Developing the infrastructure to meet future energy demand is a priority for Wells Rural Electric Company, and the electric utility industry nationwide.

Providing our members with safe, reliable, affordable and clean electricity is the reason Wells Rural Electric Company exists. However, doing that job requires a lot more than building and maintaining power lines throughout our service territory. It requires political engagement. Your employees and directors meet with elected officials often to discuss critical issues. That may seem far removed from our core mission, but it is absolutely essential to serving you.

In addition to celebrating our students and schools with our friends and neighbors during our recent community rallies, we asked members to join in the discussion of another critical issue: Protecting the lower Snake River dams. As Thanksgiving approaches, one of the things I am especially grateful for is the opportunity your board of directors and employees had to meet face-to-face with you on this important issue. The strong, positive political response we received from our members was as amazing as the crowds at the community rallies! Thank you for joining us.

Nationally, wind and solar generation are being installed to provide intermittent power, yet using that power absolutely relies on hydroelectric dams to ensure reliability. We face many challenges. However, the Pacific Northwest does have one of the greatest carbon-free renewable generating systems in the country with the Columbia River hydro system. If you haven’t already, please join your fellow members, employees and directors in safeguarding reliable, affordable electricity by sharing your opinion on the lower Snake River dams with Congress by scanning the black QR code. Be ready for the next challenge by joining Voices for Cooperative Power using the green QR code.

Best wishes,

Clay R. Fitch
Chief Executive Officer