Helping Grow Our Community

Get your local project funded by the Next Dollar Foundation

By Garrett Hylton

The Next Dollar Foundation is one of the primary tools used by Wells Rural Electric Co. (WREC) to invest in the communities it serves.

By rounding up each member’s monthly WREC bill to the nearest dollar and matching that amount with unclaimed capital credits, the Next Dollar Foundation can invest in student grants and lasting projects throughout WREC’s service territory.

The Next Dollar Foundation’s Board— made up of members throughout WREC’s service territory—evaluates and approves project applications.

In total to date, 128 projects have been funded by the Next Dollar Foundation.

Do you have an idea for a project? Head to our Next Dollar Foundation page to apply and get your group or organization’s project funded.

Here are a few of the most recent Next Dollar Foundation projects:

Foundation Facts

  • Next Dollar Foundation logoIn 2019, the WREC Board of Directors determined membership in the Next Dollar Foundation on an opt-out basis, meaning every member is enrolled in the program by default. Your annual contribution will never be more than $11.88 and the average per member gives between $5 and $7 each year. 99% of residential members have chosen to stay enrolled.
  • Next Dollar funds are granted in the community where they were donated. The money you donate stays in your community.
  • While project approval is at the discretion of the Next Dollar Foundation Board, lasting or “brick and mortar” projects are preferred over equipment that quickly deteriorates, one-time events or short-term investments.