WREC members choose incumbents 

Four incumbent candidates were re-elected to the Wells Rural Electric Co. Board of Directors on Thursday, Aug. 25, by cooperative members. 

Jim C. Whited (343 votes), Jonathan Dahl (313 votes), Scott F. Egbert (298 votes) and Fred Montes de Oca (243 votes) all were elected over first-time candidates Cameron Huff (193 votes) and Luis G. Cruz Negron (165 votes). Each WREC membership receives a ballot. A total of 4,306 were mailed out this year and 467 ballots were returned. 

The four incumbents will remain on the WREC Board of Directors, which consists of 11 elected WREC members from throughout the cooperative’s service territory who collectively set the company’s direction and strategic plan. Directors use their experience as members to also set company policy and make key decisions impacting WREC members. Directors are elected to serve three-year terms. 

WREC Board elections are a cause for celebration each year. Democratic member control is one of the seven principles that all cooperatives like WREC are founded upon. Unlike profit-driven investor-owned utilities, WREC is a not-for-profit cooperative that is run by the very members it exists to serve. Local control is also a key reason why cooperatives like WREC are not subject to Public Utilities Commission oversight in the state of Nevada. 

To ensure free and fair elections, ballots are mailed, received and authorized each year by WREC’s legal counsel and votes are counted and certified by a committee of WREC members. WREC would like to thank its member committee for volunteering their time this year to help count the ballots.